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Ébénisterie G.D. Pro Inc..  began its operations on September  1st 1990 with four employees in a space of approximately 6,000 square feet. Three years later, the company doubled their working space and the number of employees increased from year to year. 
In 1997, Ébénisterie GD purchased a building at 300 Dickson Street in Montreal. It then saw its workspace go to 26,000 square feet.
Up to date, following two major expansions, one in 2001 and another in 2007, Ébénisterie GD Pro occupies over 75,000 square feet of factory floor space, storage and offices for designers and administration.
In 2000 the company made the purchase of its first computer numerical control (CNC). In 2007, it continues its modernization by adding new equipment: a digital panel saw, a digital edgebander and a second computer numerical control.  In 2009 that innovation continues for a total of five computer numerical Control (CNC). Including one 5axles. 
Since the very beginning, the production activities are mostly concentrated in the commercial and industrial sectors. Ébénisterie  G.D. Pro Inc. is constantly seeking new challenges which are  achieved by astonishing ingenuity and innovation. The high quality of new products developed, confirms the excellent reputation of the company. 
Today, fourty employees are working to serve its customers, and all are proud to be part of the dynamic and innovative company which is Ébénisterie GD Pro Inc


A young and dynamic team!





Occupying a very large part of the plant, the machining centers are numerous

We now have 8 CNC machines

2 CNC   4,5 axes with pod 60"x120"

1 CNC     5  axes with pod 60"x150"

1 CNC   4,5 axes "Nesting" 60"x150"


1 CNC   band saw

1 CNC   edging machine

1 CNC   numerical conveyor


1CNC   automated sandy, planer

Diversified in how they produce, all our machines are unique.

With this advantage we can produce special parts every shape is possible and the boundaries limitless



Take advantage of our offices latest innovation in terms of infrastructure

All working stations have multiple-screen layout so the employees can participate tirelessly towards teamwork realisations

Always evolving to meet the needs of the market it is in these spaces that big and small projects are created



We enjoy a range infinite choice of equipment

We are ready to face any type of demand

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