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Recipient of ESTim in the category Project Investment by Investment Quebec.

ESTim prizes are the result of a competition to publicly recognize businesses and organizations that are distinguished by their exceptional success and that create, with their clients, the sense of belonging and pride in our territory.




UL 65, 962




License d'entrepreneur RBQ

Quality and Effectivity


Specialized in the field of woodworking, Ébénisterie GD Pro Inc.`s main purpose is to offer its customers a premium product and an outstanding service, all this while respecting the deadline of each contract.
Depending on the needs expressed by the customers, Ébénisterie  GD Pro Inc.. is happy to guide and collaborate with them in the development of their project, and to establish the trust that must exist between the parties. The company is committed to continue in this line of thinking and work, which is always trying to improve the quality of materials, equipment and tools used to become more environmentally friendly.

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